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Legally Secure

Juris Secure means legally secure.

The biggest security risk to your practice are the people who have the right to be there:

  • Employees in your office know the procedures but may feel comfortable cutting corners or be unaware of the exposure that comes from bypassing certain processes.
  • Contractors have much more autonomy, maintain their own equipment and offices. If they have access to your data and their systems aren’t secure, your practice is at risk.
  • Third-party service providers (IT support, bookkeepers) operate completely independently.  If you trust them to manage your environment, you must be sure they are doing all the necessary things to protect you.

Privacy Compliance Looks Inside the Walls of the Practice

1. Protect Your Data

  • The data stays in the US
  • Keep unauthorized people out
  • Limit users' ability to interact unsecurely with the data
  • Ongoing data security training for all staff
  • Annual third-party penetration testing

2. Watch for Suspicious Activity

  • System sentinels watch for suspicious activity
    • User downloading more files than normal
    • The same user logging in from two locations
  • Notifications are sent as soon as suspicious activity is logged

3. Detect Security Breaches

If a breach occurs

  • System audit monitors will log what the unauthorized user accessed and identify anything downloaded
  • Audit monitors will identify any users affected by the breach
  • Notifications are sent to those affected immediately

Airtight Operations Solves Problems

“We have a mandate to protect client information. We do what we can.“

Airtight Operations Solution:

  • Review internal operations of external associates with access to client information
  • Hardened physical security to systems and information
  • Checklists give managers a way to confirm on regular basis

Your Payoff:  Limited exposure to risk

Like it or not, turnover in our back-office staff is high. It takes a good while to get new employees up to speed and following procedures.

Airtight Operations Solution:

  • Training is greatly simplified - the employee learns the things that apply to their job only
  • One unified source for training and for support - there will be no question of who to contact for help
  • Employees learn in stages - makes it easier to remember and integrate into the work environment

Your Payoff:  greater efficiency, less disruption, fewer mistakes

We have solid procedures that must be followed to protect our practice and our clients.  But I don’t have confidence that they are being followed 100% of the time.

Airtight Operations Solution:

  • Automated workflows make it easy to follow procedure
  • Checklists give managers a way to confirm on regular basis

Your Payoff:  Documented and defensible strategy and system to shield your practice from compliance breaches

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