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About JuriSecure

An expert in system architecture and development, the parent company, Elgia, Inc, is already a successful training business.

Recently, while providing training for Attorneys, and other successful professional service organizations, some critical business challenges came to light, and a concept was born.

Rather than force a professional service organization to find and cobble together software and office procedures to handle business-critical operations, we pondered, couldn't we take best-in-class business software, integrate necessary functions into a cohesive custom environment and provide one-call support for all of it. Daily business operations would be easy for the staff and employees would be free to complete their billable work. Airtight Operations was created.

Elgia’s CEO Stacey Scott’s idea took shape, she realized that the most efficient system in the world would be worthless if privacy compliance was ignored or assumed.  A chance question to a managing partner about how he knew a contractor attorney was HIPAA compliant revealed a dangerous knowledge gap. The partner answered, "they signed an agreement that says they are." But that's not where the compliance responsibility for the senior firm ends.

The realization that normal business operations can put every practice at risk and the need to minimize the risk and assure that the practice understands how to verify compliance brought us to this point.  Five years in the making, JuriSecure and its Airtight Operations product was implemented.

Stacey Scott is a visionary who is constantly looking ahead, both for obstacles and opportunities. And, she loves to talk -- especially to other visionaries.


Cyber-security focuses on keeping hackers and strangers out.


The biggest security risk to your practice can be the people who have the right to be there:

  • Employees in your office know the procedures but may feel comfortable cutting corners or be unaware of the exposure that comes from bypassing certain processes.
  • Contractors have much more autonomy, maintain their own equipment and offices. If they have access to your data and their systems aren’t secure, your practice is at risk.
  • Third-party service providers (IT support, bookkeepers) operate completely independently.  If you trust them to manage your environment, you must be sure they are doing all the necessary things to protect you.

Privacy Compliance Looks Inside the Walls of your Firm

  • 1. Protect Your Data

    • The data stays in the US
    • Keep unauthorized people out
    • Limit users' ability to interact unsecurely with the data
    • Ongoing data security training for all staff
    • Annual third-party penetration testing

  • 2. Watch for Suspicious Activity

    • System sentinels watch for suspicious activity
      • User downloading more files than normal
      • The same user logging in from two locations
    • Notifications are sent as soon as suspicious activity is logged

  • 3. Detect Security Breaches

    If a breach occurs

    • System audit monitors will log what the unauthorized user accessed and identify anything downloaded
    • Audit monitors will identify any users affected by the breach
    • Notifications are sent to those affected immediately