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Airtight Operations for Professional Service Firms

JuriSecure implements Airtight Operations for Professional Service Firms.

We begin with our non-proprietary Airtight eco-system engineered for maximum efficiency and customize it to fit your needs. All solutions are cyber security compliant and include user training.

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JuriSecure Genies Accelerate

  • Product Adoption

  • User Performance

  • Digital Transformation

by utilizing our performance support platform for businesses to ease onboarding, improve support and reduce training effort for its users.

Real-time in-app training programs allow you to train employees on demand while also helping you measure training effectiveness.

Airtight Operations seamlessly integrates & simplifies critical operations


Risk Management

  • Privacy compliance
  • Vendor risk management
  • Awareness & accountability


Time Tracking

  • Phone, online & offline?
  • Active & passive tracking
  • Single entry


I T & Communications

  • Computer management
  • Data security


Document Management

  • Opposing counsel
  • Clients
  • Access control


Practice Management

  • Matter management
  • Workflows
  • Access anywhere



  • Client portal
  • Intranet



  • Manage bills & billing
  • Budget & forecasting
  • Financial reporting


Unified Support & Training

  • Unified training
  • Unified support tickets
  • Proactive techniques

Airtight Operations: Efficiency & Security for Your Organization

Limit Your Exposure

Documented and defensible strategy & system to shield your practice from compliance breaches

Improve Backoffice Efficiency

Eliminate double-entry and maintain control over data access

Maximize Billable

Simplify administrative tasks and customize automated workflows

Ensure Compliance with Protocols

Operational procedures established and verified with workflows and checklists

Airtight Operations:
An Ecosystem You Can Trust

  • Establishes internal protocols that are both efficient and effective
  • Provides users with a single password for access to systems and data they need
  • Includes one unified training and help desk team will support every staff member
  • Protects privileged information with workflows designed specifically for legal teams

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Case Study: Contractor Attorney

A contractor attorney accepts work from a larger firm but is a separate legal entity. The contractor has to track billable hours by project, track expenses incurred by project and invoice the larger firm on time. ?The independent attorney has their own reporting needs for tax preparation. ?

Case Study: Managing Partner

The managing partner has attorneys and administrative staff to ultimately supervise, and each individual needs access to specific data and training on specific systems. ?Rather than require an office manager to be the conduit out to individual companies for IT support, accounting, or telephone issues, the astute managing partner uses the Airtight Operations ecosystem to encircle the practice, eliminate double entry and leverage a single source for support and training designed for law firms.?